Trae hits the Pregame Trick Shot! |

Joylandi 8-Iyn, 2021

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  • Aye I respect Trae Young and I can tell that he looks up to Stephen Curry

  • Ice traeeeee🥶❄

  • oh did u start recording already aight 👀

  • Trae'na be Curry, but I see a huge future for Trae

  • Seen better

  • And got our boots smoked

  • Isnt a "TRICKSHOT" tricky and new and special Curry does this regularly its not tricky no magic illegal substances or talent behind it he just practices it alot if I practiced that over and over and over again ofcourse I would be a great shooter

  • He did the make sure your recording this one face

  • Too bad he couldn't do that in game 🤭

    • Go watch football lmao FOOTBALL


    • @jameskobe Gonzalez ratio

    • @Steve James ur mama is stupid, stupid ass!

    • It would be out of bounds stupid

  • Walmart curry

  • Bro just threw a chest pass, no form needed.

  • It’s a wrap

  • *Nothing like stephen curry plus he looks at the camera he obviously aware.*

  • Channeling his inner Steph Curry.

  • Thumbnail do be having a seizure

  • 👀 “Are You Recording This Time?” lol


    • Trae is a Clown acting like h'es a Goat

  • lmao thats nothing, did you see Lukas trick shots?

  • nothin special here

  • Trae young did not make the all star team this year, and did not get any respect, but he carried his team to the playoffs and keeps grinding! That’s a true star


    • @Daily NBA Doncic carried his team but not Tray

    • @iamRJ All-star reserve at best

    • hes gonna be a all star next year

    • @Northwest Thrills fax

  • from sitting down that’s amazing 🥶🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶

  • Dats my guy

  • Ballin

  • Steph did that for almost hundred times, nothing new on this players lmao

    • @Varun Sabarish your the one crying

    • @J Pee keep crying kid

    • @J Pee uh oh..... looks like someone is mad that I proved them wrong 🤭

    • @WishMan say it without crying

    • @Mike plays madden Someone is trigger replying like 10 times get a life

  • Seem trae is talent player

  • I could do better

  • Still getting blown out LMAOOOO

    • @Maaz Qasim idk man the hawks lost

    • yea then they cut it to 3 lmao

    • 39-35 in the 2nd Philly leads, dk about blow out yet

    • joel embiid is made of glass and ben simmons is a fucking clown that will never win a title. go cry.

    • Hawks are catching up 🤣 Y'all are talking but blew a whole lead to a weak G league team

  • Your the best player trae and more basketball player

  • Jokic doesn't deserves mvp

  • Trae is a nice, young, talented player.

    • @Woozlewuzzleable pause

    • Finally someone not trolling

    • Hes my 2nd favorite player I love his attacking mindset if they crowd boo he play even better

    • He's got attitude but I like it, he's feisty.

  • Nice shot trae

  • Nice shot

  • sheeeeeesh