Joylandi 7-Iyn, 2021
The Best of Round 1

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  • I do like Paul George man, but that 2nd 'highlight' where he turns and sinks an open 3 is the definition of reaching

  • Half of these the god Kyrie

  • Hi

  • Yo

  • after 1:20 PG officially handed his pandemic title to Kuzma Porzingis

  • What’s a Kumho lol 💅🏼

  • Thumbs down if you think these lists have been boring for the past 3 years. Who the hell does these

  • Luka and Irvin could fill this whole video. They had handle highlights every game of the 1st series lmao


  • 2:20 kawhi did a whole curry slide lol

  • Damian Lillard's green animation at the beginning should be in 2k. Damian Lillard=Insane

  • Wtf is kumho

  • Jah emulating the move by tmac

  • That Iverson crossover will never die. 💪🏾 I saw it a few times in this video.

    • Tuff move if performed right 🔥

  • I think MVP Rose is coming back

  • Ok but how is that a foul on Grayson Allen

  • CP3 with the in and out dribble and the dish to Torrey Craig for the nice two hand slam.

  • 0:08 if Dame lets that ball go out of bounds the blazers get the ball under the nuggets basket with 0.4 seconds on the clock. Would have been a really smart play.

  • 0:36 no way ja morant just did the professors signature move 💀

    • Holy shit he actually did.. the baseline behind the back

    • I think that is T-Mac's move 😂

  • Kawhi low key nice wit it

  • Give that guy a map. Lol

  • Ja morant with The professor move.

  • Kyrie best handles easy

  • You reach i teach. You know the rules.

    • Shout out Chris smoove 😂

  • Dame time baby.

  • 1:15 the passing of “Pandemic P” and Trae had knicks flying pass em all series 😂😂😂😂😂😂


  • Amazing!!!!

  • Kyrie Irving has the best handles in the league and it’s not even close🗣

    • @Alex Barrera no it cant he’s been ahead of the game since St. Pat days

    • tacko fall has the best handles

    • @Lougis tacko fall

    • @T Miller tacko fall

    • Lougis nah bol bol

  • Dame a different breed

  • First

    • @Fred VanVleet lol like id obey you

    • @CasualFanXD i do

    • @Alex Barrera stfu

    • @Alex Barrera imagine not knowing troll accounts. 💀 No smoke btw just sayin.

    • imagine acting like ur fred vanvleet

  • Aye